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Welcome the LimitlessExperience

With over a decade in hospitality, we have created an innovative approach to concierge and event-planning services.


We Create the Experience of a Lifetime!

We take basic bookings to the next level.


We can book you a great tour OR we can have one of our expert Tour Guides curate one built just for you!


You could go shopping OR you can have one of our Stylists or Personal Shoppers get to know your likes and dislikes to guarantee a seamless shopping experience.


We can book you at a great place for drinks OR you can learn how to make them with our expert Mixologists!


We can book you at a great show OR we can get you in to experience the rehearsal up close with the actors!


We can book a show and make a reservation for dinner nearby OR we can curate a menu with one of our restaurant partners based on your dietary preferences/restrictions and have our agent walk you into the show where you can meet the actors after the performance!



  • Dedicated Concierge and Event Planner: Our team of expert New York City insiders provide our members with personalized service to assist with their needs and requests.
  • Priority Access: Our network of hundreds of restaurants and entertainment options ensures our members receive prompt attention, a seamless planning and execution process, and an on-site point of contact for their experience.
  • Exclusivity: Botelho members have access to our exclusive Experiences on ABCVIP as well as private Experiences on Botelho that are not available to the public.
  • Dining Reservations and Experiences: We assist members in securing reservations at restaurants with availability, provide priority seating, and offer our curated dining Experiences including exclusive tasting menus and private dining options.
  • Ticket and Entertainment Procurement: From obtaining tickets to concerts, sports events, Broadway, or other entertainment options to private shows and concerts, we make sure our members enjoy seamless entry and premium seating.
  • Exclusive Event Invitations: Botelho members have priority access to high-profile events, such as VIP parties, galas, or premieres.
  • VIP Venue Access: Our members enjoy exclusive access to prestigious venues, clubs, lounges, and private parties, offering members unparalleled experiences and a taste of luxury.
  • Lifestyle Services: We offer childcare, dog-walkers, wellness and spa services, and personalized shopping experiences with our stylists and designer boutiques.
  • Planning Services: We help members plan and execute memorable special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or milestone celebrations, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled.
  • Business Support: Provide business-related support services, such as arranging meeting spaces and coordinating corporate events.
  • Private Website: Offer a user-friendly digital platform where members can easily submit requests, access exclusive content, and track the progress of their inquiries or bookings.
  • Partner Network: With our network of hundreds of reputable vendors, venues, and service providers we are able to offer members exclusive packages, additional perks, and an exceptional experience from start to finish.
  • Reports and Updates: We provide monthly reports and monthly or quarterly updates so our clients can track member usage and our members are informed about upcoming events, exclusive offers, and relevant updates.
  • Customized Itinerary Planning: After a phone consultation, we provide personalized itinerary planning services to create tailored experiences based on members’ preferences, interests, and specific requirements. *Included in Premier only 


The Carlton House, which has 68 units, is included in our current Essential plan for $3k per month.

Additional buildings would start at $3k per month each. However, because one building has only 11 units and the other has 132 units, we would be happy to take both properties on for an additional $4k in total!

Every client is unique. That is why we would like to propose a 3-month trial period for this arrangement. Once we have an idea of the number of member requests per month, we can revisit the pricing structure to ensure it works for both parties.

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